Turnkey Guide for Hosting an Event

How to Plan a LILI Alumni Event

Need help planning a LILI Alumni event? Whether it is a small reunion or a one day event, here is a step by step guideline on how to plan a successful alumni event.

Form a committee with other LILI Alumni leaders in your state.

  • Appoint a Committee Chair. This person will take the lead in planning the summit.
  • Decide what type of event you want to host. It can be primarily a social event such as a reunion lasting a couple of hours or a day- long event with an agenda and an educational component, such as the Annual LILI Summit in Texas.

Choose a date and location.

  • When setting a date, make sure there is adequate time to plan the event. If you are planning a day long event, you may want to combine with a NAIFA State Conference or the last session of your state’s LILI class.

Determine the cost (if any) to attend the event. The cost will depend on several factors, such as the following:

  • The cost will depend on several factors, such as the following:
  • The length of the event – whether it is a full day, overnight or just a meal.
  • Whether food or drink will be served.
  • If it involves renting a location.

Create an agenda and decide whether there will be a guest speaker(s).

  • The Chairperson should be responsible for creating an agenda.
  • Will there be an activity, curriculum assignment, door prizes?
  • If you are planning a day long event choose the presenters and decide whether or not to invite a guest speaker (i.e. someone who is not part of your alumni group).
  • Example: The Texas alumni group treats their summit much like a LILI session. They include a Covey Session, videos, and guest speakers. Occasionally homework assignments are given.
  • Choose dependable presenters (very similar to a LILI class).

Will food or drinks be served?

  • This depends on the length of the event. Serving some type of food is strongly suggested – even if it is snack items. Cocktails can be incorporated as well.

Don’t forget about the details!

  • Do you want everyone to wear nametags? Depending on how large the group is, does everyone know each other?
  • Decide if you want to incorporate music into your event. If you are planning a large event such as a summit, you may want to play music during breaks, similar to a LILI class. If you are planning a reunion, soft background music might be nice to help create ambiance.
  • Consider incorporating party favors. Having an (affordable) item everyone can take home is a nice touch. Two examples would be a new journal or LILI luggage tags (these can be ordered from the NAIFA Marketplace).
  • If you are planning a day long event, you may want to have folders available for people to put any handouts in (i.e. bios of guest speakers, a brain dump).
  • Take photos! It is always important to capture an event. Assign someone on the committee to be responsible for taking photos that can be shared with other LILI alumni groups (and posted on the LILI Alumni Facebook page). These photos can be used to promote a future event as well.

Market your event.

  • Start promoting the event well in advance. You can also promote this alumni event at a NAIFA State Convention or at the NAIFA National Conference.
  • If you are planning a large event setup a registration process where attendees pay for the cost of the event up front.
  • Send a minimum of 3 emails:
  • “Save-the-Date” email.
  • A more formal announcement with event details.
  • A final email to get a head count and share a tentative agenda, especially if there is a homework assignment. The final agenda should only be sent to the people who have registered.

Give attendees feedback forms to complete after the event.

  • Gather feedback from the event as well as suggestions for future alumni events.