Texas LILI Summit

TXAgendaBelow is a summary of the 2017 Texas LILI Alumni Summit that was held on January 29 in Austin, Texas.

The 2017 Summit opened at 12 noon with a Fajita Lunch being served and Tina Riffle of NAIFA-Houston gave everyone the all-important BRAIN-DUMP to focus! Then after an ICE-BREAKER around-the-room, the day’s Agenda began with the assignments:

  1. A Movie Review, of McFarland, presented by Joey Langford of NAIFA-Houston
  2. A Book Review of The ENERGY BUS presented by Eddie Tate of NAIFA-Fort Worth
  3. A brief Review & great power point of Maxwell’s 21 Laws by Summit Chair Tina Riffle with a focus on Law #9: The Law of Magnetism

Then after a brief break – a Panel of past NAIFA-Texas Presidents sat in front of the attendees for the topic: WHY YOU SHOULD SERVE.  This included past Presidents of: Randy Robertson, Tom Currey, Alan Carl, Lane Boozer, Jason Talley and current President Chris Hatton. They all told their story as to WHY they felt the desire/need to serve NAIFA and why as LILI Grads each one of us should step up and serve not only our Local Boards but also a position on the State Board.  Everyone found the discussion to be compelling and motivating!

Following this panel – as a surprise for the attendees, the next panel was then brought into the room by 2016/2017 LILI Moderator Davin Bell of NAIFA-Austin 4 (four) of the Texas LILI Students who happen to be in town the Day BEFORE their Session 6 & LILI Commencement!  These 4 of 10 LILI Students bravely stood in front of this room full of LILI Alumni and addressed candid & unplanned questions from “what was your favorite LILI Book to read?” to “how will you fulfill your 2 year LILI Commitment” and even “what was the best movie to watch in your LILI homework?”!!  These guys were really troopers!  But as far as SURPRISE Guests go: the big surprise was yet to come.

Late afternoon snacks were rolled in (with a cash bar) as Tina handed out Evaluation forms and suggestions for next year’s 10th Annual Summit! And then as our Guest from NAIFA National, THE Director of PD&E Programs, Brendan Bernat cranked up the music – in comes amazing entertainment provided by the one & only ELVIS straight from Tupelo! THIS very Special Guest was Jack Curtis of NAIFA-Mississippi who did an out of this WORLD performance in crowd pleasing and WOW-ing everyone!

Our Summit closed at 6:00pm with photos of poses with Elvis and many promises of phone calls and meetings to come! With almost Spring-like weather in Austin many walked to near-by restaurants for dinner or hugged good-bye until “next-time”.  To say a GREAT time was ‘had by all’ would be an understatement especially based on the Evaluation forms!  Sure seems like it was worth ALL the hard work Tina & Team!!  And a very special THANK YOU to our Out of State Guests that travelled to join us!  We are grateful beyond words!  Our world and mostly this year’s Summit was enhanced by all that attended.


The Texas LILI Summit can be used as a model to help plan your state’s LILI Alumni event. Below is the email communication that was sent to their attendees along with the event agenda.


When:     Sunday, Jan 25, 12 noon to 6pm (note: snacks only; please eat lunch before you arrive. WHAT? What’d you expect for $25??!)
Where:   AT&T Conference Center (Austin, Where Else!) Meeting Room #107 (call or text me if you can’t find the room  512-922-2364)
Dress:     Casual & Comfy   (it’s Austin after all!)
Homework Assignments (should you choose to accept it):
Book: The Four Agreements;
Movie: Memphis Belle; (note: movie is available on Amazon and other movie retail locations)
Reading from LILI: Covey’s Habit 4 Think Win-Win!

**NEWLY ADDED HOMEWORK: What is YOUR theme song? As our “ICE BREAKER: be prepared to tell us YOUR THEME SONG for 2015! What song will best describe the year you plan to have ahead: the year 2015 : TITLE OF WHAT SONG?!**

REGISTRATION FEE: $25 – please bring with you ( checks should be made payable to Karen Easterling &…. feel free to add zero’s at the end of the $25! Checks already rec’d from Eddie Tate, RJ, Cheri, Lance and Frank. Thank you – Christmas float of $25 was awesome. Credit cards are not accepted; sorry.)

A G E N D A ( loose agenda; flexible agenda and subject to change by 11:59am Sunday; it’s a busy day & full of content!! FASTEN SEATBELTS!!)

12 noon  – Open & Housekeeping –Karen
12:10 —       LILI BINGO (YES!! IT’s BACK!)
12:20–        ICEBREAKER – Everyone (see large font above)
12:45–        LILI UPDATES for 2015/2016 – current LILI Moderators
12:55–       NAIFA-TEXAS UPDATES — Lane, Pres (2014/2015) & Jason, Pres-Elect (Voice of Vision! 2015/2016)
1:15  —        Book Review – The Four Agreements — Geordie & Ken
1:45 —         Break
2:00–          Movie Review—Memphis Belle-Lane
2:20–       Sales Ideas 101 – Brandon Green with a little help from his Friends!
2:40–         Habit 4 Think WIN-WIN – Karen, Brandon, Davin
3:00 —        Surprise GUEST(S)
3:30—          IFAPAC Updates – Rolando
3:45–         Break
4:00 —        Good to Great “a Monograph” and Bridging (or how we “dovetail”) LILI material / Inspiration(s)- Ken
5:00 —     A REAL WINE Tasting!   (discretion is KEY!!)- Karen
5:45–      Journaling/Evaluations/Feedback – Everyone
6:00pm –CLOSE!! It’s a wrap.


Here is an example of the message that was sent to all Texas Alumni Summit attendees following the event; thanking the attendees, addressing feedback gathered from the event, and promoting upcoming LILI events.

Thank you everyone for attending!!

**I promised to let you all know WHO the LILI 7 Speakerwill be (in New Orleans: @ NAIFA National Conference Oct 3-5, 2015) & it is Bob Davies. Check him out on-line if you haven’t heard of him. I hope you’ll join us there to continue to ‘Sharpen the Saw’! 

BUT NOW – Back to TEXAS:

Based on your FEEDBACK sheets: several of you indicated you would be willing to “chair” the next LILI SUMMIT but you didn’t write in your name.  Please reply to this email (unless we’ve already spoken) if you are interested in chairing next year’s 8th Annual Summit! 

Here’s what I do know:   It will be held somewhere near the Houston area in connection (again) with the NAIFA-Texas Annual Conference (January 2016).

Here’s what I do NOT know: The exact dates yet OR who the Texas LILI Chair will be a year from now; so, spread the word! I will share your FEEDBACK sheets — I promise!  It is your event! Thank you again.

Important dates ahead:  applications for 2015-2016 Texas (19th) LILI Classaccepted late March-early April (stay tuned!) for class to begin August 2015 and NAIFA National Conference in New Orleans October 3-5!

Finally: if anyone took any photos – would you send them to me? I’m heartbroken that we didn’t do a group photo but we had a very busy agenda and a very good time.

Remember: Habit 4 focus is Win/Win and if you mess up: apologize (emotional bank account!). And the Four Agreements: focus is so similar (Be impeccable with Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions and ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST); find your Hedgehog while you INSPIRE someone and … sing your THEME song in 2015!