How to Start a Group

Getting Started

  1. Talk with your State LILI Chair, State Leadership, and State Exec to obtain commitment, solicit feedback and ideas, and keep them apprised of the direction of the group.
  2. Form an Alumni Committee.  Identify Alumni in your state and region and recruit them to be on the Alumni Committee (if your state/region does not have a list of Alumni contacts already, this is the perfect opportunity to start one).
  3. Any organization needs structure; establish your purpose early and spend some time drafting a vision and a mission for your Alumni Group. In areas where alumni concentrations are relatively small, an informal association led by one or two individuals who might gather socially from time to time is fine. It’s OK to keep it simple!
  4. Decide how you will communicate with your Alumni to announce events – newsletter, telephone, email, list serve, and other social media?  Remember that you may find some alumni who are not as computer savvy as others, so make sure that everyone will get the messages and information about your events. If you will use several forms of communication, make sure that the information is the same.
  5. Plan your event. Programs can include leadership activities, social functions, and community service events (see the fabulous ideas later on in this Playbook).  Consider meeting topics that align with your vision and mission.  Determine your logistics: location, cost, time, meals, materials needed. It is critically important that you establish Who on the Committee Does What by When along with a timeline for completion of tasks.
  6. Communicate and promote your events.  Enthusiastically spread the word about your event as early as possible, and keep spreading it!
  7. Host your event.  Remember to welcome your attendees and thank them for attending!
  8. Conduct a session debrief through personal contact with each participant.