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Congratulations to the 2014 LILI Minnesota Graduates

The 2014 LILI Minnesota Graduates
The 2014 LILI Minnesota Graduates

Lili is an amazing adventure. From being a graduate to becoming the moderator is wonderful. Every class is very unique. Very special. To watch them go from” what is going to happen” to “what can I make happen” is wonderful! My favorite part has to be the “ah  ha’s” as time goes on they get better and better. Right before you you see the transformation in each student. Of course depending on what they put in they will take out. Like I tell them “ I joined a Fitness gym and didn’t lose weight, no one ever told me I had to go and participate to get the results I wanted ”

 Here are a couple pictures of our great class this year! All different and all wonderful. Love watching them make the changes they don’t even realize they are making. With past students, it is amazing watching their journey! -Kim Garbers, LILI Moderator

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