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Texas Hosts the 9th Annual LILI Alumni Summit

TXAgendaCongratulations to the 2017 Texas LILI Graduates!


Texas LILI Alumni Host the 8th Annual Summit

The 8th Annual Texas LILI Alumni Summit was held Thursday, February  4th at Arcodoro Restaurant in Houston.

Thirty-five Texas LILI Alumni gathered to ‘Sharpen the Saw’, network and simply catch up on good ‘ol times!

They were joined by Kenneth Pendley from Atlanta, Georgia and Cindy Petersen from Grand Junction, Colorado (National LILI Subcommittee members) who was this year’s Guest Speaker.

Texas LILI Alumni Summit
Texas LILI Alumni Summit with special guests Cindy Petersen and Kenneth Pendley

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Congratulations to the 2016 LILI Texas Graduates

Texas LILI Alumni
Texas LILI Alumni
Texas LILI Alumni
Texas LILI Alumni


Congratulations to the 2015 LILI Texas Graduates


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Texas LILI Alumni Host the 6th Annual Summit

Texas LILI Alumni
Texas LILI Alumni with NAIFA President John Nichols and NAIFA President-Elect Juli McNeely

On the afternoon prior to the NAIFA-Texas Career Conference and Annual Business Meeting, Texas LILI Alumni came together at the Embassy Suites to attend the 6th AnnualSummit. LILI Alumnus Karen Easterling hosted the first segment along with NAIFA President-Elect Juli McNeely. Texas LILI Moderator Brandon Green hosted the second segment. Esteemed LILI curriculum material such as the One Page Business Plan was discussed and the festivities closed with cocktails and snacks at Uncle Bucks.

2014 LILI Texas Graduates
2014 LILI Texas Graduates


 Texas LILI Alumni Gather for 5th Annual Summit

On the back end of the NAIFA-Texas Legislative Day and Annual Business Meeting, twenty-five Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) alumni gathered January 22-23 for the 5th Annual Texas LILI Alumni Summit.

On the back end of the NAIFA-Texas Legislative Day and Annual Business Meeting, twenty-five Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) alumni gathered January 22-23 for the 5th Annual Texas LILI Alumni Summit.
LILI Alumni (spanning classes from 2000-2012) gathered in Austin for the 5th Annual LILI Summit.

In preparation for the event, attendees watched Secretariat and The Secret and read Juggling Elephants by Jones Loftin and Todd Musig. During the Summit, the core principles of each piece were discussed, in addition to completing a study about their independent learning styles (LSI – Kolb) , gathering SALES techniques from NAIFA-Texas President-Elect Joey Ussery, and hearing a powerful presentation from former Director of LILI Jean Barr on emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and why it matters. Barr reminded the past graduates that you can improve your EQ significantly and that EQ is the largest component of what makes successful superstars.

Recently retired Barr (left) with LILI Summit Chair Johnston.

Remarking that this summit was the best yet, Summit Chair Robin Johnston of Austin said, “While there are new attendees each year, the core group of alumni have gotten to know each other and created a bond similarly to that bond that develops in each LILI class.  This helps carry on the LILI culture through the years.  As it should, LILI becomes a part of your being and the Summit is something you look forward to each year.  It helps you stay accountable to yourself because others are counting on you.”

The Summit served to emphasize some truths of LILI: Leadership is relationships; Winning spirit is the foundation of life; Be true to yourself and do what you love; If you aren’t able to serve, recruit one that can – keep your eyes out for potential leaders; and Never stop learning and trying new ideas. Tracey Lumpkin and Christie Bonczek co-chaired the event with Johnston.